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As you can imagine, the build process is only a small part of owning a luxury yacht. Once your vessel hits the water, it needs to be looked after with great care. Maintaining your yacht is a very serious matter as it assures your well-being at sea. That’s why Moonen will always be at your side.

We are here to keep your yacht in pristine condition, ensuring it remains safe and supremely comfortable – and retains its resale value over time. We also make sure to accommodate the captain and crew in the best possible way, as their knowledge often plays a vital role in our maintenance process. Our teams are ready to support you anywhere in the world by offering comprehensive service packages at the exceptional quality level you’re used to.


We are very keen on handling everything at our yard and in the rest of the world, from regular maintenance and complete refits to assisting the captain and crew and adapting your newly acquired yacht to new requirements.

Over the years we have cultivated many fruitful long-term relationships with both our clients and our preferred suppliers. We are proud to say that being a client with us grants you guaranteed yachting independence for a lifetime.



In case your yacht requires renovation, refurbishment or technical innovation, you can always bring her right back to us. Moonen provides extensive refits and rebuilds at the very same place where your yacht was first conceived. If necessary, our designers will take you back to the drawing board to make your yacht future-proof for years to come.

We have always had an outstanding reputation when it comes to craftsmanship and professional care. We know your superyacht inside and out. She will feel brand new again before you know it.



We are well aware that buying a superyacht is a momentous decision. Fortunately, you don’t have to jump headlong into the deep end. Pre-owned yachts are a fantastic way to start your journey without the challenges and time-consuming construction processes associated with new builds.

Purchasing a pre-owned superyacht is an excellent way to embrace your passion for the high seas without the challenges associated with a new build. That way, you’ll be able to start building experience as a yacht owner with little to no delay.

Since Moonen yachts maintain their value and exceptional handling for decades and are lovingly serviced by our expert craftsmen, a pre-owned Moonen yacht is the ideal way to start your journey.




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