Tailored to perfection


What makes each Moonen yacht stand out is its unique personality. Our professionals are extremely dedicated to push themselves further in order create something truly authentic for our clients. Our greatest power lies in diversity, as we offer something for every taste.

We do not solely focus on the big picture, but pay close attention to the smallest of details. By doing so, we are capable of producing a wide range of completely different superyachts that all live up to the exceptional standards associated with the Moonen tradition.

perfect experience

Our goal is simple: to deliver the perfect yacht experience, carefully tailored to your desires. And by keeping that promise, we’ve acquired a vast network of loyal clients. We are dedicated to quality, comfort and superior handling. Our philosophy is based on careful planning and genuine teamwork, both within the yard and with our suppliers and clients.

Because of our close personal approach, we consider our clients to be a vital part of the Moonen family. Delivery is just the beginning; we stay deeply involved in the maintenance and support of every yacht.

Unparalleled services

We strive to accommodate your lifestyle in every conceivable way, long after the initial delivery. Our experienced service crew is always ready to support you – in any way, anywhere in the world. Whether its expert repair you seek, shared knowledge or any other service imaginable, we will be right there for you, helping you every step of the way.

Our craftsmen know your yacht better than anybody. As a result, we are ready to send them anywhere in the world to keep your Moonen running smoothly, happily and efficiently.


Moonen Yachts is an international recognized Dutch shipyard dedicated to building superior superyachts that turn dreams into reality. We create superyachts in close cooperation with our clients, suppliers and dedicated team of experts. Supported by decades of maritime experience and a strong shipbuilding heritage we build yachts that stand the test of time. At the heart of our brand is passion: for detail, for the water and for client satisfaction.


The aim of Moonen Yachts is to become the global market leader in the construction of semi-custom steel-aluminium superyachts from 30 to 50 metres. We will align our client-centric approach with unrivalled operational excellence throughout our processes to increase efficiency and reduce delivery times. We will further develop into international markets, enhancing our cooperative working methods by creating strong relationships with clients, suppliers and employees. We fully serve our clients’ needs before, during and after each project, to exceed expectations of quality, service and delivery.



Moonen Yachts
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