Decades of
moving forward


There are no shortcuts to establishing a great shipyard. It requires true craftsmanship, passion for the trade and immense attention to detail. Where does the heart of a new build begin? How do you ensure that the concept becomes a stunning reality? That is where sixty years of expertise make a difference.

Throughout our history, we have always set the standard for sophistication, quality and unparalleled luxury. The result is a truly unique yacht experience that gives pride of ownership a new meaning.


Our first yacht was built under the original yard name De Ruiter. It set the tone for what was to come. Today, our fleet of custom and semi-custom superyachts has spread far and wide across the globe.


The yard is renamed to Moonen Shipyards. It launches its first vessel under new ownership: Alhena. Our shipyard starts to expand steadily. As our yard gets bigger, so does the length of our superyachts.


We deliver our first ‘big boat’: the Cassiopeia ’S’, a 26m superyacht. From this point onward, Moonen starts to market its creations as ‘pocket-sized superyachts’.


Moonen launches its first eighty-foot design: White Heaven. It represents the next step in yacht evolution and becomes a benchmark for the fleet.


A marketing campaign is conceived to reinvigorate the shipyard. After a thorough rebranding process, Moonen embraces new vision and starts building its largest yacht so far: the 37m White Heaven III.


The yard celebrates its 25th anniversary under the Moonen brand and is praised as market leader in the fabrication of pocket-size superyachts. The yard expands its scope and starts attracting new clients from all over the world.


To meet rising demand, our second yard is officially opened in Groot-Ammers. It can build superyachts and perform refits on projects up to 50 meters (165 ft).


Production stagnates in the wake of the financial crisis. For some time, yacht sales flag as the global economy suffers a terrible blow. The company’s executives come together to forge a new game plan.


Moonen Shipyards changed into Moonen Yachts. With the help of strong vision, innovative technology and new designers, Moonen once again becomes the market leader in delivering 30m to 50m luxury yachts.


A new era has started with new ownership. The Australian couple, Matthew and Louise Baxter are the new owners of the shipyard. Under their guidance, Moonen Yachts will scale up production efficiently and cooperate with renowned design houses. By building on speculation, delivery times will be shorter and customization still possible, which is an absolute advantage for future clients.


To strengthen the management and keep pace with the growth in production and the market, Nicky van Zon has been appointed Technical Director and Marianne Hendriks is in charge of the company as Managing Director.



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