Proven in practice


Our designers know how to create amazing yachts. The starting point of each design in our series line is a hull concept ranging from 30m to 50m. These proven platforms are highly stable and vibration-steady. They provide an excellent foundation for our clients’ wide range of personal wishes.

From exceptional engineering to fabulous finishing, we have long steered a course that takes traditional Dutch quality to a new level. This is what makes our superyachts truly one-of-a-kind.

Setting the standard

Moonen yachts have a strong brand identity and clear, versatile design motif that is unique in the luxury yacht industry. While working diligently to create the ideal end result for each client, the look and feel that sets our yachts is always retained.

It goes without saying that the first owner of a new range is intimately involved in its creation. But all subsequent superyachts built on that template are heavily customized to meet and exceed their respective owners’ desires, as well. We also design entirely unique creations for more experienced clients who require a fully-customized motor yacht built according to our quality standards.

Today, the Moonen fleet has spread out across the world’s oceans, each superyacht reflecting the tastes and wishes of her owner. If you’re looking for a luxury yacht design that combines super looks and effortless handling with maximum comfort, accept no substitutes.



Moonen Yachts
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