Integrity forms the foundation of everything we achieve here at Moonen Yachts. For us, keeping our promises has become a way of life. To ensure that our words are accurately translated into action during the building process, we are dedicated to high efficiency, genuine teamwork and careful planning.

Throughout the construction of a new superyacht, we leverage both our own experience as well as the insightfulness of our clients. The process may seem long at times, but you can’t cut corners on a labor of love. After all, we believe the end result should always exceed your expectations.

Going the extra mile

At Moonen, we like to make a statement. We go all out to push the boundaries of nature and science to ensure we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to limitless performance, style and safety. We are true superyacht enthusiasts and perfectionists. Going the extra mile is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

While the Dutch are usually known for being quite a modest folk, the premium quality of Holland’s superyacht industry is recognized all over the world. Moonen takes this rich heritage and adds a dimension all its own, with superior handling, exceptional personalisation and world-class comfort and luxury. That is something we are tremendously proud of.


    During our first get-together we’ll get acquainted with you, your wishes and desires. We will discuss your plans and our capacities of making them reality, guiding you through the yacht-building process step by step.


    Our next move is to invite you to our shipyard for a visit and meeting with our CEO. Clients will get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Moonen yard while you and our team gradually get to know each other on a more personal level.


    The creation of your yacht always starts off with a concept phase. Together with our designers and engineers, we will test how our preliminary ideas can brought to life. This is where we’ll make the first rough sketches of your soon to be built superyacht.


    Creative brainstorm sessions are scheduled with the customer and our designers, naval architect and technical team. Here we’ll discuss all details about the size, layout, performance, the interior and special features of your luxury yacht.


    Once all your demands and the details are in order and the rough blueprints are made, we will hand you our proposal. This contract consists of the expected delivery time and estimated price-tag of our collaboration.


    Only when the client, the designers and technical team are completely satisfied about the plan, a final agreement is signed. Once the client puts down his signature, we are ready to start building.


    Our engineers will make sure that they’ll calculate every possible detail of your yacht beforehand, from its efficiency and stability to its speed and comfort. A steady foundation is always critical in building a yacht. FYI: The duration of this stage is considerably shortened by choosing from one of Moonen’s semi-custom proven platforms. 


    Parallel to the engineering, you will get together with the designer to dream up the best interior for your superyacht. For the ultimate user experience, we make scale models and fabricate actual parts of the interior so our customers are absolutely satisfied in their choice of materials, fabrics and fittings.


    When all aspects of the design process are approved by the customer and our technical team, the final designs are signed off and the actual construction can begin.


    In order to start with the physical build, a detailed construction plan is written. Here, the specific amount of building materials is determined, like the metals that are used for making the hull and the superstructure.


    A vital part of every ship’s production. It comprises the initial placement of the central steel beam that forms the backbone of every yacht. Once the hull and superstructure are laid out, the other modules can be constructed upon them.


    Once the marriage between the hull and superstructure is complete, hardware elements like the engines, stabilisers, converters and generators are applied to the yacht’s base. Pipes and cables are also strategically mounted onto the hull by our technical engineers.


    As soon as all the important aspects of the exterior are put in place, we will start working on the interior of the captain and crew, gradually moving our way upward to the the owner’s deck.


    The yacht hits the water for the first time. On this special occasion we invite everyone that has worked on her to come to the yard, including their family and friends, to celebrate the conception of your brand-new Moonen yacht.


    Your new Moonen is meticulously tested on points like safety, stability, braking, anchoring and performance. We’ll also make sure that everything inside of the yacht fits perfectly and handles correctly in accordance with the captain.


    When all is done, we’ll bid our latest piece of nautical art farewell by handing her over to you. From the drawing board to reality, this is yet another great result of an incredible collaborative effort between client and builder.


    After an exhilarating trajectory of outstanding craftsmanship, you finally get to take your new yacht out for a spin. This is the moment we have all been working towards together, this is the moment you’re dream has become a reality.



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