7 October 2020


1. the legally or formally recognised union of two people as partners in a personal relationship
2. a combination or mixture of elements

We are just a few short days away from a milestone moment here at Moonen! One of these milestones is the marriage of the hull and the superstructure. The marriage, is a very delicate process where the superstructure of the yacht is slowly lowered onto the hull. This is ultimately the first time you can truly get an accurate visual representation of what the final shape of the yacht is going to look like.

Building a superyacht is a momentous occasion for all involved and there are of course a few major milestones along the way.

Whilst it may not be quite as straightforward as saying ‘I do’, there are certainly many involved who bear witness to this occasion. Namely, a few very skilled crane operators and a group of individuals who have been working tirelessly on construction, will come together to oversee this process.

Before the hull and superstructure can be joined together, hardware elements including the engines, stabilisers, converters and generators must be applied to the yacht’s base. At this point, pipes and cables will also be mounted onto the hull by our technical engineers. The superstructure is then lowered safely onto the hull, revealing her final shape.

Now that the important aspects of the exterior have been put in place, work can begin on the interior of the yacht. This process will start with the captain’s and crew quarters and gradually move on to the owner’s deck. Blank walls will begin to look like artwork, the galley will come to life and open spaces will transform into warm, inviting rooms. Before long, the vessel that was once just a sketch on a piece of paper, will become a larger than life dream come true.

As we know, building a superyacht is no quick feat. It can take many years to build the yacht of your dreams, so when the time comes for the much anticipated launch and christening, you can bet on it that there will be a celebration. This occasion is when the yacht, that so many have worked on for so long, will hit the water for the very first time. A moment not to be missed, this is a remarkable achievement and a time for the owner and all who have made this possible, to come together at the shipyard to celebrate.

After the successful completion of sea trials, finally, handover is made to the owner. We will then bid bon voyage as she takes her maiden voyage off into the sunset to begin her fantastic new life at sea.

For YN200, the marriage of the hull and superstructure is about to begin. Stay tuned to follow her journey, because we’re so excited to be able to share it with you.

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