18 May 2020

Unless you’re a local, the warm crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and the glitzy coastline of the French Riviera are just a far off dream right now. So we thought we’d dream a little harder and put together just a few destinations that you can take your Moonen to, post COVID-19.


Amalfi Coast: Imagine cruising the Amalfi Coast and waking up in a beautiful new Italian town every day. Just thinking about Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi is enough to conjure up images of beaches lined with sun lounges and beautifully coloured buildings that cascade down the steep landscape that is the Amalfi coast. Head ashore to enjoy the coastal views from land, wander the steep laneways and delight in the mouthwatering Italian food. Add Capri to your itinerary to soak up the sun and experience The Blue Grotto, a natural cave with impossibly blue water, whose entrance is only a metre high and can only be entered by a small wooden rowboat carrying just four passengers at a time.

Positano – Amalfi Coast

Croatia: The scenic coastline of Croatia is one of the most popular places for superyachts to spend a relaxing holiday and with so many beautiful towns to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Cruise along the Dalmatian Coastline and spend a little time in Dubrovnik for awe inspiring views of the ancient city walls. Mljet, a tranquil and often forgotten, forest covered island has caves and beaches to explore. Polače is the most sheltered inlet on Mljet island for anchorage and its village has a number of ancient ruins to explore . Cruise a little further North and you’ll come to Drače where you’ll find Edivo Winery. Here you can book a scuba dive sending you just below the oceans surface, where you can fetch yourself a bottle of their famous red wine that has been aged for 2 years on the ocean floor! Imagine cracking that open on the deck of your Moonen whilst watching the sun go down over the glistening Adriatic Sea. If booming nightlife and a glitzy restaurant vibe is what you’re after, then motor up to Hvar. With spectacular views from the water, this upscale town is the place to be seen. And finally, Split. A town where you’ll be immersed in old world culture and can feel like one of the locals.

Dubrovnik – Croatia


New Zealand: Fondly referred to the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand is one of the most picturesque places you can visit. From the white sandy beaches of the North Island to the Fiords and Sounds of the South, New Zealand offers up some of the best hiking trails, wine regions and adrenaline packed activities on offer. The cruising hot spot is the Bay of Islands, and with 144 islands surrounded by azure blue waters, you could explore a new one every day. You might even be lucky enough to spot a pod of bottle nose dolphins! Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy the many charming coastal towns along the way. If you’re after a more rugged landscape, then head down to Marlborough Sounds. Located at the top of the South Island and making up 20% of New Zealand’s coastline, you’ll have no shortage of places to explore. Marlborough is one of the best wine regions in the world and famous for their Sauvignon Blanc. So duck inland to pick up a few bottles to enjoy onboard and whilst you’re there enjoy some of the fresh, local seafood that the region is known for and pick up some Greenshell mussels!

Bay of Islands – New Zealand

Fiji: Great for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, Fiji is made up of 333 islands all surrounded by turquoise blue waters. Beautiful white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, make for perfect spots to relax on the deck of your Moonen with a book, or paddle board and kayak to take in the sights from a slightly different perspective. Head to the Mamanuca Islands and explore the live coral reefs with a snorkel. Discover the island of Monuriki where the Tom Hanks blockbuster ‘Cast Away’ was filmed and snorkel or scuba dive the rainbow reef off the Somosomo Strait to witness the colourful and diverse marine life. Immerse yourself in Fijian culture and spend an evening watching the locals fire dance, you might even get to join in! And if you need another dose of culture, then take a swim through the natural underwater limestone caves on Sawa-i-Lau Island in the Yasawa Island group, where the 1980’s Brooke Sheilds film ‘The Blue Lagoon’ was filmed. These caves are also known to be the resting place of ten-headed Fijian God, Ulutini.


Whether you’re soaking up the sun in Capri, relaxing in a natural mud bath on land in Fiji or cruising the Sounds in New Zealand, you can be sure you’re enjoying a well deserved holiday onboard your Moonen yacht. With so many stunning destinations at your finger tips and a yacht that truly can take you anywhere, dreaming will soon be a thing of the past. Start enjoying!

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