20 August 2020

Are yachts a place to entertain your friends with dinner parties? Absolutely. How about a place to enjoy an ice cold beverage whilst sunbathing Definitely! It’s no surprise that there are no shortages of ways to keep entertained on board, but if being on the water and in the outdoors is your thing, (which, wild guess, we think it might be if you’re reading this or have a boat) then you’ll be pleased to know we have rounded up five yacht toys we think you should know about for you and your guests to enjoy!

Who they are: Born in Austin, Texas, FunAir specialise in building high quality products that integrate seamlessly into superyachts.

What is it? Well it’s golf on a yacht of course!
How it works: Simple to set up, anchor one or more floating Yacht Golf greens at various distances in the water and tee off from the bow or stern of your yacht!

Why we love it: What’s better than playing golf? Playing golf on a yacht! Not only can you have your green designed in the shape of famous greens from around the world, but each FunAir floating Yacht Golf green comes with Albus Golf EcoBioBalls! These specially designed golf balls biodegrade in less than 48hrs and have fish food at their core. So even if you miss, you’re feeding the fish!

Size: Golf hole – 313cm x 325cm x 20cm
Where to buy: https://www.funair.com 

Photos courtesy of FunAir

Who they are: Priding themselves on zero emission performance, Awake is a manufacturer of high-performance electric surfboards produced in Sweden. They have two models; the RÄVIK ONE and RÄVIK S.

What is it? An adrenaline fuelled experience, the Awake boards are electric, motor powered surfboards made from composite materials including carbon fibre. They are made by hand and built to last.

How it works: Awake boards are controlled with a handheld, magnetically triggered power key and ridden like a surfboard. They have four rider settings depending on your experience level; SLOW, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME and are powered by an 11kw brushless electric motor that can reach up to 56 kmph in a matter of seconds!

Why we love it: No more sitting in cold water waiting to catch a wave! Now you can propel yourself anywhere, anytime right off the back of your yacht! This is a serious toy for those who love their water sports and fun for the whole family!

Where to buy: https://awakeboards.com 

Photos courtesy of Awake Boards

What is it? Think rock climbing with a softer landing. Now add this to the side of your yacht!

How it works: The FunAir Climbing wall is an inflatable toy designed to attach to the side of your yacht. Choose between water entry to start your climb up or deck entry to jump off the top! Test your climbing skills and work your way up with the comfort grip handholds, or give those arms a workout and use the detachable climbing ropes for even more ways to scale the wall! The height, width and colours can be customised as needed. 

Why we love it: Whether you’re climbing up in a mad dash to the top, or having a diving competition, we can tell that this will keep the whole family entertained for hours. 

Size: Climbing Walls come in custom sizes ranging from 4m to 12m tall and 2m to 3m wide.
Where to buy: https://www.funair.com 

Photos courtesy of FunAir

What is it? GLADIATOR! ARE – YOU – READY?! This is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of FunAir’s Water Joust! Water Joust is an inflatable, floating balance beam with non slip material on the stairs and beam to give you greater traction to help defeat your opponent. 

How it works: Grab your jousting stick and have at it!

Why we love it: A little healthy competition is what every trip away needs. Let the ocean become your private arena and bring the entertainment with you by hosting guest or crew jousting competitions! 

Size: Joust -680cm x 100cm x 200cm, Poles – 184cm
Where to buy: https://www.funair.com

Photos courtesy of FunAir

Who they are: UBoat Worx are Dutch submarine manufacturers based in the Netherlands, where each submarine is handcrafted and overseen by in-house experts.

What is it? The Super Yacht Sub 3 has been designed specifically to fit onboard superyachts, for owners who want a private submersible to explore below the waterline. Compact and lightweight, she isn’t short on performance either. You’ll have 12 hours of endurance travelling at 3knots and a pressure hull design ensures all three occupants have exceptional views! Unsure of how to operate a private submarine? UBoat Worx makes sure every submersible is delivered with a world class pilot training course, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Why we love it: What’s not to love! This sub allows you to explore a shipwreck or the colourful marine life living 1000ft below the surface! The ultimate yacht toy, the Super Yacht Sub 3 has air conditioning, a bluetooth sound system and a cold storage box for your drinks, making it possible to explore in luxury, whilst enjoying a champagne! 

Where to buy: https://www.uboatworx.com 

Photos courtesy of Uboat Worx

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