The latest design from Dutch superyacht builder Moonen Yachts has been revealed. Having carefully listened to the market, coupled with the trends and desires of both current and prospective owners, Moonen Yachts have developed and designed the magnificent Moonen 110 in collaboration with exterior designer René van der Velden, and naval architects Diana Yacht Design.

Moonen 110 takes into consideration the success of the Moonen 84 and Moonen 97 builds, both of which continued to be sold successfully between 2000 and 2011. At the time of initial development, the design of these classic superyachts was spot on and to this day continues to be admired and loved by many.

With successful incorporation of exceptional performance at sea, comfort, style and the appeal of a true superyacht, Moonen 84 and Moonen 97 proved themselves to be the perfect starting point for the creation of the superyacht builder’s newest endeavour. Moonen have set out to build on this success by delivering a yacht that meets the needs and requirements of those who both love and enjoy the superyacht lifestyle, whilst maintaining the style and quality of superyacht that the Moonen Yachts brand has become well known for.

A Gentleman’s Yacht, Moonen 110 will be unrivalled in performance and comfort. Spread over three decks; lower deck, main deck and a combined bridge and sun deck, she has a contemporary design whilst reflecting the elegant and timeless lines of her predecessors. Notable features will include; a full beam master stateroom, floor to ceiling windows in the dining area, ample outdoor living, and an optional jacuzzi. Next to the luxurious master stateroom and two twin guest cabins, a spacious VIP stateroom has been designed to pamper your guests. All staterooms and cabins feature en-suite bathrooms.

As demand calls for superyachts of a certain size, Moonen 110 will measure approximately 33 metres and will have a shallow draft, making her ideal for destinations including the Bahamas, Caribbean and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. She will be perfect as an addition to your growing fleet, or a superb luxury retreat for your family and friends.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Moonen 110, please contact the team at Moonen Yachts. They would love to guide you through the build and design of your future superyacht and look forward to meeting with you soon.

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This afternoon the Moonen team watched on for the joining of recently sold 36m Moonen Martinique, YN200’s hull and superstructure, at their shipyard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Earlier in the week, two CAT C32 engines were placed into YN200’s hull and today the crane lowered the superstructure on to the hull in preparation for the joining.

The ‘marriage’ of the hull and superstructure, is the moment you finally see the yacht take shape for the first time and is another milestone the shipyard looks forward to.

YN200 is the third Martinique in Moonen’s Caribbean line. At the request of her owners, she will feature a newly extended sundeck which will house a beautiful 6 person Jacuzzi.

Delivery of YN200 to her owners in the USA is planned for the end of 2021.

For more information on the marriage of a yachts’ hull and superstructure, click here.


A proud day for all involved. Today was ‘launch day’ for Moonen Yachts’ second Martinique, 36m M/Y KOKORO!

The Japanese name KOKORO translates to ‘heart’, uniting the heart, spirit, soul and mind. M/Y KOKORO was unveiled last week at the Dutch superyacht builders’ facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where the Moonen team watched on as she was carefully towed out of her shed and into daylight.

In the same fashion, today the team gathered to witness the launch of M/Y KOKORO as she was lowered into the water. She is now in the final stages of commissioning before she heads out to the open sea to begin sea trials. There she will be put through her paces to ensure she complies with the regulations of Maritime Classification Society, Lloyds Register Group and Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.

M/Y KOKORO will be delivered to her owners in the UAE later this year.



1. the legally or formally recognised union of two people as partners in a personal relationship
2. a combination or mixture of elements

We are just a few short days away from a milestone moment here at Moonen!

Building a superyacht is a momentous occasion for all involved and there are of course a few major milestones along the way. One of these milestones is the marriage of the hull and the superstructure. The marriage, is a very delicate process where the superstructure of the yacht is slowly lowered onto the hull. This is ultimately the first time you can truly get an accurate visual representation of what the final shape of the yacht is going to look like.

Whilst it may not be quite as straightforward as saying ‘I do’, there are certainly many involved who bear witness to this occasion. Namely, a few very skilled crane operators and a group of individuals who have been working tirelessly on construction, will come together to oversee this process.

Before the hull and superstructure can be joined together, hardware elements including the engines, stabilisers, converters and generators must be applied to the yacht’s base. At this point, pipes and cables will also be mounted onto the hull by our technical engineers. The superstructure is then lowered safely onto the hull, revealing her final shape.

Now that the important aspects of the exterior have been put in place, work can begin on the interior of the yacht. This process will start with the captain’s and crew quarters and gradually move on to the owner’s deck. Blank walls will begin to look like artwork, the galley will come to life and open spaces will transform into warm, inviting rooms. Before long, the vessel that was once just a sketch on a piece of paper, will become a larger than life dream come true.

As we know, building a superyacht is no quick feat. It can take many years to build the yacht of your dreams, so when the time comes for the much anticipated launch and christening, you can bet on it that there will be a celebration. This occasion is when the yacht, that so many have worked on for so long, will hit the water for the very first time. A moment not to be missed, this is a remarkable achievement and a time for the owner and all who have made this possible, to come together at the shipyard to celebrate.

After the successful completion of sea trials, finally, handover is made to the owner. We will then bid bon voyage as she takes her maiden voyage off into the sunset to begin her fantastic new life at sea.

For YN200, the marriage of the hull and superstructure is about to begin. Stay tuned to follow her journey, because we’re so excited to be able to share it with you.

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“We were very much focused on our participation in the Moonen Yachts Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race. But as with so many events, the organisers were forced to postpone the race, due to Covid-19. It is a sad but realistic and acceptable decision, as we do not wish to put the participants, the organisers or the audience at risk. The good thing is: the race is not off, it will be on, but we don’t know when yet. First we have to conquer the virus, and then we will conquer the Tasman Sea. We have something exiting to look forward to, thus let’s keep our faces to the sunshine, so we cannot see the shadows.”

Read on for the latest announcement from the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Sydney, Australia.

Media Release – 4/09/2020  

Postponed until January 2022

It is with great disappointment that the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron announce the postponement of the Moonen Yachts Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race, until January 2022.

“The restrictions of movement, immigration and quarantine requirements around the Covid-19 pandemic have meant that the race is just not viable in January 2021” explains Allen Stormon Commodore of RPAYC.

“The race was fantastically well received throughout the world, with 20 confirmed entries already and over 100 expressions of interest received from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and Asia, however everyone has been very understanding of the situation and for many it had already become impossible”.

The anticipation of an ocean race of 1250nm between these two sailing cities, a first for almost everyone, was as much of a drawcard as was the spectacle of the 36th America’s Cup, however, we understand that many were looking forward to ring side seats for the racing of these spectacular flying machines and the other events surrounding the 150th Anniversary of the RNZYS. 

“The RNZYS is obviously disappointed this cannot proceed at this time, but also excited about the long term future of the race which no doubt will become iconic” said RNZYS Vice Commodore Aaron Young.

The idea of an offshore circuit in the southern hemisphere has proven very exciting. The clubs expect interest in a combination of the 2021 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race, the 2022 Sydney to Auckland Race, a return race to Australia or via New Caledonia, finishing off with Hamilton Island Race Week to continue to generate international entries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our major sponsor for the 2021 Sydney to Auckland Ocean Race, Moonen Yachts. With the support of Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club members Matthew and Louise Baxter, owners of Moonen Yachts, we were able to promote the race internationally and we trust that this profile will add to the success of the rescheduled race in 2022.

The Committee would also like to thank those who entered the race, plus the wider yachting community for their support and interest in the race. We look forward to seeing a great fleet on the start line in January 2022.
Official race website:


Netherlands based Moonen Yachts are pleased to announce the sale of their 36.3 meter Moonen Martinique, YN200. This marks the second sale of the year for Moonen Yachts and the third superyacht to be built on the Martinique platform.

Building on the success of her predecessors, YN200 incorporates exterior design by Dutch designer René van der Velden, naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design and interior design and styling by London based Studio Indigo.

The marriage of YN200’s hull and superstructure will take place on the 9th of October 2020 and she will be delivered to her new owners in the USA in November 2021. As the new owners stepped in early in the process, there was room for change. At the owner’s wish, YN200 will have an extended sun deck, providing her owners with an extra 2.5 metres of space onboard and a beautiful Jacuzzi to relax in.

Already current members of the Moonen Family, YN200’s owners have enjoyed their beautiful Moonen 84 for the past three years and are well acquainted with the Moonen brand.

“There were several compelling reasons to remain with the Moonen Family. First, Moonen’s reputation for unprecedented engineering and quality of mechanical systems and general construction. The sophistication of the ship’s systems are equivalent to that of a ship twice its size and there is no compromise made on any inch of the ship’s parts or materials, whether it be a simple faucet to a major water filtration system. But more importantly, it’s the Moonen team members whose pride shines through in the manufacturing of their ships. Matthew and Louise Baxter, the new Moonen shipyard owners are tirelessly committed to continue the enduring legacy of the Moonen brand. We see them as our business and family partners in building our world-class ship which will stand the test of time. We are excited about this endeavor and a lifelong relationship with the Baxter’s and the Moonen family”

In total, the generous interior of Moonen YN200 which will feature teak wood throughout, will accommodate 12 guests in 4 staterooms and one owners suite, as well as 7 crew in 4 cabins, including the Captain’s cabin located on the Bridge deck with direct access to the Bridge.

Built from high tensile steel and measuring a length of 36.3 metres (119ft), YN200 is powered by twin CAT C32 engines providing her with a high-performing top speed of 16.5 knots, a cruising speed of 14 knots and a transatlantic range of 4000nm at 10 knots. With a maximum beam of 8 metres, a draught of 2.1 metres and a volume of 334 GT, not only does she epitomise fantastic performance, perfect stability and exceedingly low noise and vibration levels, she can also travel the world and comfortably motor into almost any port. 

Part of Moonen’s brand promise is that they guarantee expert attention and service whenever you need it. Throughout the life of your yacht, Moonen will perform maintenance and upgrades to extend its lifetime. And should you desire a refit down the track, they provide full refit capabilities all done in the on-site outfitting shed.

Moonen Yachts are thrilled that the new owners of YN200 have chosen them once again and continue to place their trust in the expertise of the shipyard and all team members involved. We look forward to building on the already strong  relationship we have and are proud to have them in our Moonen family.

If you’re interested in knowing more, contact the team at Moonen Yachts via the details below. They will be happy to guide you through the build and design of your future superyacht and look forward to meeting with you soon.




For more information about this release, please get in touch at


Are yachts a place to entertain your friends with dinner parties? Absolutely. How about a place to enjoy an ice cold beverage whilst sunbathing Definitely! It’s no surprise that there are no shortages of ways to keep entertained on board, but if being on the water and in the outdoors is your thing, (which, wild guess, we think it might be if you’re reading this or have a boat) then you’ll be pleased to know we have rounded up five yacht toys we think you should know about for you and your guests to enjoy!

Who they are: Born in Austin, Texas, FunAir specialise in building high quality products that integrate seamlessly into superyachts.

What is it? Well it’s golf on a yacht of course!
How it works: Simple to set up, anchor one or more floating Yacht Golf greens at various distances in the water and tee off from the bow or stern of your yacht!

Why we love it: What’s better than playing golf? Playing golf on a yacht! Not only can you have your green designed in the shape of famous greens from around the world, but each FunAir floating Yacht Golf green comes with Albus Golf EcoBioBalls! These specially designed golf balls biodegrade in less than 48hrs and have fish food at their core. So even if you miss, you’re feeding the fish!

Size: Golf hole – 313cm x 325cm x 20cm
Where to buy: 

Photos courtesy of FunAir

Who they are: Priding themselves on zero emission performance, Awake is a manufacturer of high-performance electric surfboards produced in Sweden. They have two models; the RÄVIK ONE and RÄVIK S.

What is it? An adrenaline fuelled experience, the Awake boards are electric, motor powered surfboards made from composite materials including carbon fibre. They are made by hand and built to last.

How it works: Awake boards are controlled with a handheld, magnetically triggered power key and ridden like a surfboard. They have four rider settings depending on your experience level; SLOW, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME and are powered by an 11kw brushless electric motor that can reach up to 56 kmph in a matter of seconds!

Why we love it: No more sitting in cold water waiting to catch a wave! Now you can propel yourself anywhere, anytime right off the back of your yacht! This is a serious toy for those who love their water sports and fun for the whole family!

Where to buy: 

Photos courtesy of Awake Boards

What is it? Think rock climbing with a softer landing. Now add this to the side of your yacht!

How it works: The FunAir Climbing wall is an inflatable toy designed to attach to the side of your yacht. Choose between water entry to start your climb up or deck entry to jump off the top! Test your climbing skills and work your way up with the comfort grip handholds, or give those arms a workout and use the detachable climbing ropes for even more ways to scale the wall! The height, width and colours can be customised as needed. 

Why we love it: Whether you’re climbing up in a mad dash to the top, or having a diving competition, we can tell that this will keep the whole family entertained for hours. 

Size: Climbing Walls come in custom sizes ranging from 4m to 12m tall and 2m to 3m wide.
Where to buy: 

Photos courtesy of FunAir

What is it? GLADIATOR! ARE – YOU – READY?! This is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of FunAir’s Water Joust! Water Joust is an inflatable, floating balance beam with non slip material on the stairs and beam to give you greater traction to help defeat your opponent. 

How it works: Grab your jousting stick and have at it!

Why we love it: A little healthy competition is what every trip away needs. Let the ocean become your private arena and bring the entertainment with you by hosting guest or crew jousting competitions! 

Size: Joust -680cm x 100cm x 200cm, Poles – 184cm
Where to buy:

Photos courtesy of FunAir

Who they are: UBoat Worx are Dutch submarine manufacturers based in the Netherlands, where each submarine is handcrafted and overseen by in-house experts.

What is it? The Super Yacht Sub 3 has been designed specifically to fit onboard superyachts, for owners who want a private submersible to explore below the waterline. Compact and lightweight, she isn’t short on performance either. You’ll have 12 hours of endurance travelling at 3knots and a pressure hull design ensures all three occupants have exceptional views! Unsure of how to operate a private submarine? UBoat Worx makes sure every submersible is delivered with a world class pilot training course, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Why we love it: What’s not to love! This sub allows you to explore a shipwreck or the colourful marine life living 1000ft below the surface! The ultimate yacht toy, the Super Yacht Sub 3 has air conditioning, a bluetooth sound system and a cold storage box for your drinks, making it possible to explore in luxury, whilst enjoying a champagne! 

Where to buy: 

Photos courtesy of Uboat Worx


Netherlands based Moonen Yachts are pleased to announce the sale of their 36.3 meter superyacht YN199, built on the successful Martinique platform. The yacht will be launched at the end of this summer and then delivered to her new owner in the Middle East a couple of weeks later.

YN199 features exterior design by renowned Dutch designer René van der Velden, naval architecture executed by Diana Yacht Design and interior design and styling by London based designers, Studio Indigo. A proven and successful partnership combination for the interior and exterior build.

Having been familiar with award-winning sister ship M/Y Brigadoon, which was only delivered in 2018, the new owner of YN199 came to Moonen Yachts after hearing about the two new builds based on the same Martinique platform. With YN199 and YN200 due for delivery end of summer 2020 and August 2021 respectively, the new owner was able to review both yachts and after careful consideration decided YN199 was the perfect choice.

When asked about what lead him to Moonen Yachts, the new owner said “I have always wanted a Moonen, but it was unclear when. It’s in fact a smaller size yacht, but can easily compare with the largest superyachts in the world quality and style wise. I absolutely adore the winter garden and love the spacious lay-out of the sundeck. This yacht gives me and my family so much room for relaxing and enjoying the water”. Having decided that now was the right time to buy a Moonen, the new owner said that YN199 was “all he wished for”.

Thanks to her sophisticated hull design, YN199 is a true world traveller. Beyond her good looks, she’s a luxury yacht offering exceptional comfort, safety and performance, all at the same time.

The spacious main deck is home to the large saloon with an adjacent formal dining area, a spacious and well equipped galley and an impressive master suite with a luxurious His and Hers bathroom. Moving outside, the aft deck offers a relaxing area to take in the beautiful ocean views, with stairs leading down to the swimming platform which provides easy access to the water.

With direct access to the bridge, the Captain’s cabin is situated on the Bridge Deck. To the aft, the winter garden, which was one of the main selling points for the new owner, offers a second indoor lounge area that can be closed off with sectional doors, or kept open to provide access to the shaded exterior deck, creating yet another indoor/outdoor entertaining area. Just above, the striking sun deck provides panoramic views and a spacious lounge area with bar, grill and a fantastic sound system for entertaining. Below deck is home to the crew and guests, where you’ll find four staterooms, all featuring private luxury bathrooms.

The engine room and tender garage are also situated on the lower deck. Martinique is powered by twin CAT C32 engines which provide her with a high-performing top speed of 16.5 knots and a comfortable cruising speed of 14.5 knots. Reflecting Moonen’s philosophy of building go-anywhere-yachts, YN199 has a range of 4,000nm at a cruising speed of 10 knots and is well suited for transatlantic crossings and long journeys.

Part of Moonen’s brand promise is that they guarantee expert attention and service whenever you need it. When you purchase a new build, you’ll enjoy world class in-house service, build flexibility, receive a 24 month warranty and work with experienced professionals where you can be involved in the design process as much or as little as you wish. Furthermore, throughout the life of your yacht, Moonen will perform maintenance and upgrades to extend its lifetime. And should you desire a refit down the track, they provide full refit capabilities all done in the on-site outfitting shed, to ensure the first class Dutch refit your Moonen deserves.

Moonen Yachts are thrilled that the second superyacht to be built on the successful Martinique platform is going to a wonderful family, who will enjoy all that she has to offer. We thank you for placing your trust and support in our dedicated team and look forward to building  a strong relationship moving forward.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the third build, YN200 that is currently under construction, and scheduled for delivery in summer 2021, contact the team at Moonen Yachts. They will be happy guide you through the build and design of your future superyacht and look forward to meeting with you soon.


Moonen Yachts, are pleased to announce a new senior management team at their Dutch shipyard Moonen Yachts. Today’s announcement, which is effective immediately, is in line with the company’s strategy to grow the company and expand the number of yachts in build.

To strengthen the management and keep pace with the growth in production and the market, Nicky van Zon has been appointed Technical Director and Marianne Hendriks is in charge of the company as Managing Director.

The decision comes at a time, where the company grows on a global scale, and strong strategic leadership will be imperative. With two yachts currently in build and a third one on the drawing board, the yard is growing and has the ability and ambition to expand further. To put emphasis on the growth of the company, it is evident to maximise focus. Therefore, the new team, under guidance of Managing Director Marianne Hendriks, will see Marianne look after Sales, Marketing & Business Development, whilst Nicky van Zon will concentrate on Engineering, Projects and Production. “By putting every individual in their strongest position, the new management will be efficient, and decisive for the future”, comments Director and Shareholder Matthew Baxter. “Our business continues to be challenging and extremely promising. Since our start, Louise and I have invested a lot in building yachts on speculation, we are now starting to see amazing results as we notice a growing demand for semi-custom yachts with a short delivery time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for Moonen Yachts to have a strong, energetic and integrated management team, and I believe that with this new team, we are well prepared to build on the current foundation and strengthen our unique worldwide position in the superyacht market.”

Should you require further information after reading this announcement, please turn to Marianne Hendriks per e-mail at,
or by phone +31 6 51 99 70 60.


Unless you’re a local, the warm crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and the glitzy coastline of the French Riviera are just a far off dream right now. So we thought we’d dream a little harder and put together just a few destinations that you can take your Moonen to, post COVID-19.


Amalfi Coast: Imagine cruising the Amalfi Coast and waking up in a beautiful new Italian town every day. Just thinking about Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi is enough to conjure up images of beaches lined with sun lounges and beautifully coloured buildings that cascade down the steep landscape that is the Amalfi coast. Head ashore to enjoy the coastal views from land, wander the steep laneways and delight in the mouthwatering Italian food. Add Capri to your itinerary to soak up the sun and experience The Blue Grotto, a natural cave with impossibly blue water, whose entrance is only a metre high and can only be entered by a small wooden rowboat carrying just four passengers at a time.

Positano – Amalfi Coast

Croatia: The scenic coastline of Croatia is one of the most popular places for superyachts to spend a relaxing holiday and with so many beautiful towns to explore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Cruise along the Dalmatian Coastline and spend a little time in Dubrovnik for awe inspiring views of the ancient city walls. Mljet, a tranquil and often forgotten, forest covered island has caves and beaches to explore. Polače is the most sheltered inlet on Mljet island for anchorage and its village has a number of ancient ruins to explore . Cruise a little further North and you’ll come to Drače where you’ll find Edivo Winery. Here you can book a scuba dive sending you just below the oceans surface, where you can fetch yourself a bottle of their famous red wine that has been aged for 2 years on the ocean floor! Imagine cracking that open on the deck of your Moonen whilst watching the sun go down over the glistening Adriatic Sea. If booming nightlife and a glitzy restaurant vibe is what you’re after, then motor up to Hvar. With spectacular views from the water, this upscale town is the place to be seen. And finally, Split. A town where you’ll be immersed in old world culture and can feel like one of the locals.

Dubrovnik – Croatia


New Zealand: Fondly referred to the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand is one of the most picturesque places you can visit. From the white sandy beaches of the North Island to the Fiords and Sounds of the South, New Zealand offers up some of the best hiking trails, wine regions and adrenaline packed activities on offer. The cruising hot spot is the Bay of Islands, and with 144 islands surrounded by azure blue waters, you could explore a new one every day. You might even be lucky enough to spot a pod of bottle nose dolphins! Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy the many charming coastal towns along the way. If you’re after a more rugged landscape, then head down to Marlborough Sounds. Located at the top of the South Island and making up 20% of New Zealand’s coastline, you’ll have no shortage of places to explore. Marlborough is one of the best wine regions in the world and famous for their Sauvignon Blanc. So duck inland to pick up a few bottles to enjoy onboard and whilst you’re there enjoy some of the fresh, local seafood that the region is known for and pick up some Greenshell mussels!

Bay of Islands – New Zealand

Fiji: Great for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, Fiji is made up of 333 islands all surrounded by turquoise blue waters. Beautiful white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, make for perfect spots to relax on the deck of your Moonen with a book, or paddle board and kayak to take in the sights from a slightly different perspective. Head to the Mamanuca Islands and explore the live coral reefs with a snorkel. Discover the island of Monuriki where the Tom Hanks blockbuster ‘Cast Away’ was filmed and snorkel or scuba dive the rainbow reef off the Somosomo Strait to witness the colourful and diverse marine life. Immerse yourself in Fijian culture and spend an evening watching the locals fire dance, you might even get to join in! And if you need another dose of culture, then take a swim through the natural underwater limestone caves on Sawa-i-Lau Island in the Yasawa Island group, where the 1980’s Brooke Sheilds film ‘The Blue Lagoon’ was filmed. These caves are also known to be the resting place of ten-headed Fijian God, Ulutini.


Whether you’re soaking up the sun in Capri, relaxing in a natural mud bath on land in Fiji or cruising the Sounds in New Zealand, you can be sure you’re enjoying a well deserved holiday onboard your Moonen yacht. With so many stunning destinations at your finger tips and a yacht that truly can take you anywhere, dreaming will soon be a thing of the past. Start enjoying!


Moonen Yachts
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