Last Wednesday, July 14th, Moonen Yachts fourth Martinique, YN201, had two CAT C32 Acert engines hoisted up and skilfully placed into her engine room. A step that comes right before the joining of the hull and superstructure.

Yesterday, the next milestone for YN201 was checked off the list as her aluminium superstructure was joined to her high tensile steel hull. The joining is the first time you truly get to see the yacht take shape. It’s the moment you get to see her full magnitude out in the open, before she goes back into the shed where she will be welded together, work will continue in her engine room and pipes will be fitted. Following this will be the outfitting of her interior installation starting with the lower deck, before her final milestone, the launch.

Ian Vermoen, Project Manager says, “Every time it’s amazing to see the yacht in its full glory for the first time. This point also marks the start of our intense outfitting period where all systems will be installed, the luxurious interior will be built-in and she will be painted in her final colours. The next time she will be outside, she will be fully ready to be launched.”

YN201, which is available for sale, will incorporate the best features of her predecessors, M/Y BRIGADOON, M/Y KOKORO and the currently in-build YN200. She is also at the stage where her future owner can still select and customise her interior to suit their wishes.

Delivery of YN201 is due in 2022.

To follow the build of YN201 click here. And for further information on the sale of YN201 please contact Marianne Hendriks on +31 6 51 99 70 60 or at


On May 5th 2021 Moonen’s M/Y BELUGA won BOAT International’s Ocean Awards ‘Yacht of the Year’. An award that recognises private vessels, their owners, and crew, who have actively helped enhance the health of our oceans, by demonstrating a commitment to ocean conservation.

The use of M/Y BELUGA was donated to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, an organisation that aims to capture data from the entire length of the reef, in order to effectively survey and analyse how reef health changes over the years. Spanning 2,300km in length and with over 3,000 individual reefs, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most stunning natural creations, but only around 5% is regularly surveyed.

Owners, Sandrina Postorino and Chris Ellis, both of whom are heavily involved in philanthropy and passionate ocean lovers, are thrilled to have been a part of such a worthwhile cause.

“We were very humbled to receive this amazing award, especially given the calibre of the other nominees and winners of the Ocean Awards over the years.

The Great Reef Census aims to collect data from previously unsurveyed parts of the Great Barrier Reef in a joint effort between tourism operators, boat owners and scientists. We were happy to donate the boat’s use as we are passionate ocean lovers and wanted to contribute to the protection and restoration of the reef. The initiative is a great example of the Circular Economy in action. Assets, in this case, boats, that are already on the Great Barrier Reef, are used for the greater good, in this case scientific research.

The Circular Economy is also at the heart of Take 3 For the Sea which aims to stop plastic pollution, and which we also support.

Another ocean focused charity we support is the Conflict Island’s Conservation Initiative, which  protects critically endangered turtles in PNG and also runs a plastics beach clean-up program.     

We hope that other yachts will find out about the Great Reef Census and will want to be part of it in the future!”

We are incredibly proud to be the builder of this beautiful superyacht who has been at the forefront of marine research and ocean health. Congratulations to all involved in this inspiring project.

If you would like to know more about Take 3 For the Sea and the Conflict Island’s Conservation Initiative, please visit their websites below:


It is with much sadness that we have to share that Rien Moonen, the founder of Moonen Yachts in The Netherlands, passed away on Monday 29 March 2021 in Spain, where he enjoyed a holiday with his wife Mieke.

Rien Moonen (1936) was the second son of 11 children. He started to work at his fathers’ painting company when he was only 15 years old, and took over the business when he was just old enough to run it. His entrepreneurship, in combination with his remarkable personality, turned the company into a profitable and well known entity. Through this success, he was able to buy his first boat, an 11m steel cruiser, which he purchased at De Ruiter Shipyards. When Rien Moonen moved from painting into real estate, he offered De Ruiter a plot in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. A nice shipyard, where they could expand. They did, and built beautiful boats that live on in the Moonen brand until today. At a certain moment in time Rien had the opportunity to take over the yard and renamed it Moonen Shipyards. Helming the company enabled him to combine his entrepreneurial skills with his biggest passion: yachts!

Rien was the driving force behind the switch to start building stylish elegant and timeless superyachts with great seaworthiness. This is what Moonen Yachts, after all these years is still famous for. He created the brand, established the iconic Moonen DNA and gave the brand its unforgettable logo by using the two interconnected OO’s from his family name. May he rest in peace.


In November last year the keel for Moonen Yachts’ fourth 36 metre Moonen Martinique, YN201, was laid. Now under construction and due for delivery in 2022, YN201 has been designed by René van der Velden and Diana Yacht Design. The interior designer will work in close cooperation with the new owners to ensure the interior of YN201 meets their wishes.

Since 2018 when M/Y BRIGADOON, the first Martinique, was delivered, this 36 metre platform has been a popular new build amongst owners. When stepping onboard for the first time, many make mention of the fact that Martinique exudes space and feels much larger than other yachts in her size range. The large guest cabins and spacious crew quarters are amongst the many unique features that they notice.

In light of this, Moonen Yachts set out to improve on this popular build even more. Already a spacious design, the Moonen Martinique has now been significantly improved with the extension her sundeck. An extra 2.5 metres in length ultimately improves the usability of this fantastic deck and provides the opportunity to enjoy magnificent views from the optional Jacuzzi.

With four spacious decks, YN201 draws on the features that make M/Y BRIGADOON, M/Y KOKORO and the currently in build YN200 so great.

YN201 is available for sale and is due for delivery in 2022.

YN201 features:

  • Full beam Master stateroom
  • Four luxurious guest cabins
  • Extra large sun deck
  • Optional Jacuzzi
  • Open air lounge on Bridge deck
  • Captain’s cabin located on Bridge deck
  • Option to add glass bulwarks in place of stainless steel railings
  • Garage for a 5.7 metre tender
  • Storage for two jet skis on the bow of the main deck
  • Spacious crew quarters


Length: 36.30m / 119ft
Beam: 8m / 26.2ft
Draft: 2.10m / 6.9ft
Guests: 10 + 2 guests in 5 cabins
Crew: 7 crew in 4 cabins
Maximum speed: 16.5 knots
Cruising speed: 14 knots
Range: 4.000 nautical miles

If you would like more information on the above announcement or details regarding the purchase of YN201, please contact Marianne Hendriks on +31 6 5199 7060.


Moonen 110, the newest design concept from Dutch superyacht builder Moonen Yachts has officially become the next yacht in line to be built at their shipyard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The engineering of YN202 has started, in preparation of the yacht construction that will begin in June.

Characterised by her sleek, low profile design, Moonen 110 will be beautifully presented across three decks with ample outdoor living. Interior design by Studio Indigo or the clients preferred designer, Exterior design by René van der Velden and Naval Architecture by Diana Yacht Design, ensure this timeless yacht will display the premium Dutch build quality that Moonen Yachts is well known for. Moonen 110 will feature panoramic views, a dining area with floor to ceiling windows, a full beam Master stateroom and a full beam VIP stateroom.

The new YN202 will be the first Moonen 110 to be built by the shipyard and has a planned delivery date of 2023. She is currently available for sale.

If you would like more information on the above announcement or details regarding the purchase of YN202, please contact Marianne Hendriks on +31 6 5199 7060.

MOONEN YACHTS IN CONVERSATION: Captain Matthew Curtis of M/Y Botti

At just 34 years of age, it’s fair to say Matthew Curtis has already achieved a lot in life. Currently the Captain of 27 metre Moonen built superyacht BOTTI, over the next year Matthew will face a whole new set of challenges and achievements as he becomes Captain of ‘in-build’ 36m Moonen Martinique, YN200.

Raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Matthew grew up in the hub of what is known as the Grand Strand; almost 100 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline off the Atlantic Ocean, adorned with a string of beautiful beaches. Growing up on the water Matthew naturally became interested in fishing, and in high school he was particularly interested in offshore saltwater fishing. Because of this, Matthew developed a passion for yachting early in life.

After college, Matthew moved to South Florida to jump on board a yacht and travel for 6 months, before getting what he describes as a “real” job. Falling hook, line and sinker in love with yachting, Matthew has now been in the industry for more than ten years and can decisively attribute his successful yachting career to his passion for fishing.

Here Matthew gives us an honest glimpse into his experience on board, and what it’s like to be at the helm of a Moonen superyacht.

How does it feel to be the Captain of BOTTI?
Rewarding. We are always turning heads when we pull into a marina. Everyone commits on her lines and her appearance. 

How did you find the process of becoming accustomed to BOTTI? Was it easy to become familiar with her systems?
It took some time to get adjusted. Botti was my first Moonen and first European boat. It’s not something that you step on and go. That being said, the support from previous captains as well as the shipyard was outstanding. They really did a great job helping me become accustomed to the vessel.   

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your superyacht career as a Captain?
My first captain position was a tough one. I was only 27 and was competing with other captains who were nearly twice my age for the position. I was fortunate enough in the first five years of my career to work with some very good captains, as well as learn quite a lot about engineering. The engineering experience, as well as my travels, made the difference. It’s still a challenge being a young captain in the industry, but it drives me to work harder and prove myself. 

In terms of the build, can you describe what it’s like being on board and at the helm of a Moonen?
It’s a matter of trust in the vessel. I avoid bad weather like the plague, it’s not fun for anyone. But any day on the water can turn from good to bad in a flash. Knowing that the boat can take a lot more than we can is a great feeling when you’re offshore.

What has been your most memorable trip on board BOTTI?
My second summer in New England. We did a fantastic trip starting in NYC and ending there. We did a full loop and stopped in more than 20 marinas. We travelled to Long Island Sound, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Boston, Newport, and other ports. The weather was fantastic and the owners had a fantastic trip!

What has been your favourite memory from being onboard?
The 2017 refit. We pulled everything apart and put it back together. I got to see the bones of the vessel. It was really impressive. 

Although still in the construction phase, what did you think of YN200 when you saw her for the first time? How did it feel to step onboard?
YN200 is a massive boat. You feel like you’re looking at a 40m+. When stepping on board, you see the extra quality that she holds. It’s all in the details that separate a Moonen from other boats in this size range.  

What are you looking forward to about the new challenge as Captain of a 36 metre superyacht?
I can speak for myself, as well as the owners, that we look forward to expanding our travel range. The YN200 is a boat that can go anywhere, and we plan to test that.  

Do you have a favourite yachting destination?
Harbour Island Bahamas. This place is great. Pink sand beaches, horseback riding on the beach, the fishing is great, and there are plenty of high quality restaurants for the guests.

From your experience, what tips would you give to new owners looking to purchase their first superyacht?
Do your research. Ask multiple Captains and other owners what you’re getting into. You can have the best boat in the world, but if your crew isn’t up to par, you’ll have a bad time. A good crew will make or break your program.

Can you tell us anything else significant from your experience?
A yacht opens the world for you. Enjoy it!


Dutch superyacht builder Moonen Yachts has officially begun construction on their latest superyacht, with the keel laying ceremony of YN201 taking place on Friday, November 27th.

The project manager of YN201, Ian Vermoen, attended the keel laying and said “It is always an exciting moment when the keel is laid for a new project. This is the starting point of the construction of YN201 and a time of many milestones leading up to when the yacht will take her final shape. The next big milestone will be the joining of the hull and superstructure in July 2021, before the delivery of a beautiful yacht in 2022.”

The 36 metre superyacht is scheduled to be available in Summer 2022 and is now for sale.

Designed by René van der Velden and Diana Yacht Design, YN201 is the fourth 36m superyacht to be built on the shipyards Martinique platform. The interior designer will work closely with the new owners throughout the design process to ensure the interior of the yacht meets their needs and wishes.


The latest design from Dutch superyacht builder Moonen Yachts has been revealed. Having carefully listened to the market, coupled with the trends and desires of both current and prospective owners, Moonen Yachts have developed and designed the magnificent Moonen 110 in collaboration with exterior designer René van der Velden, and naval architects Diana Yacht Design.

Moonen 110 takes into consideration the success of the Moonen 84 and Moonen 97 builds, both of which continued to be sold successfully between 2000 and 2011. At the time of initial development, the design of these classic superyachts was spot on and to this day continues to be admired and loved by many.

With successful incorporation of exceptional performance at sea, comfort, style and the appeal of a true superyacht, Moonen 84 and Moonen 97 proved themselves to be the perfect starting point for the creation of the superyacht builder’s newest endeavour. Moonen have set out to build on this success by delivering a yacht that meets the needs and requirements of those who both love and enjoy the superyacht lifestyle, whilst maintaining the style and quality of superyacht that the Moonen Yachts brand has become well known for.

A Gentleman’s Yacht, Moonen 110 will be unrivalled in performance and comfort. Spread over three decks; lower deck, main deck and a combined bridge and sun deck, she has a contemporary design whilst reflecting the elegant and timeless lines of her predecessors. Notable features will include; a full beam master stateroom, floor to ceiling windows in the dining area, ample outdoor living, and an optional jacuzzi. Next to the luxurious master stateroom and two twin guest cabins, a spacious VIP stateroom has been designed to pamper your guests. All staterooms and cabins feature en-suite bathrooms.

As demand calls for superyachts of a certain size, Moonen 110 will measure approximately 33 metres and will have a shallow draft, making her ideal for destinations including the Bahamas, Caribbean and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. She will be perfect as an addition to your growing fleet, or a superb luxury retreat for your family and friends.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Moonen 110, please contact the team at Moonen Yachts. They would love to guide you through the build and design of your future superyacht and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Click here to discover more about the Moonen 110.


This afternoon the Moonen team watched on for the joining of recently sold 36m Moonen Martinique, YN200’s hull and superstructure, at their shipyard in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Earlier in the week, two CAT C32 engines were placed into YN200’s hull and today the crane lowered the superstructure on to the hull in preparation for the joining.

The ‘marriage’ of the hull and superstructure, is the moment you finally see the yacht take shape for the first time and is another milestone the shipyard looks forward to.

YN200 is the third Martinique in Moonen’s Caribbean line. At the request of her owners, she will feature a newly extended sundeck which will house a beautiful 6 person Jacuzzi.

Delivery of YN200 to her owners in the USA is planned for the end of 2021.

For more information on the marriage of a yachts’ hull and superstructure, click here.


A proud day for all involved. Today was ‘launch day’ for Moonen Yachts’ second Martinique, 36m M/Y KOKORO!

The Japanese name KOKORO translates to ‘heart’, uniting the heart, spirit, soul and mind. M/Y KOKORO was unveiled last week at the Dutch superyacht builders’ facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where the Moonen team watched on as she was carefully towed out of her shed and into daylight.

In the same fashion, today the team gathered to witness the launch of M/Y KOKORO as she was lowered into the water. She is now in the final stages of commissioning before she heads out to the open sea to begin sea trials. There she will be put through her paces to ensure she complies with the regulations of Maritime Classification Society, Lloyds Register Group and Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.

M/Y KOKORO will be delivered to her owners in the UAE later this year.


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