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My issue 2009

Rarely has a motoryacht of 27 metres been refitted to such a high standard: The owner of the Moonen My Issue is so enamoured that he brought her halfway round the world for a comprehensive makeover.

Originally launched in 2001, My Issue was acquired by the current owner in 2005. Having using the yacht extensively for three full years he was looking to make My Issuemore suitable to the often demanding local climate in which she predominantly cruises.

The brief was to add value at every opportunity without exceeding the break-even point where it would have made more sense to build a new yacht.

The five original small windows in the wheelhouse have been replaced with three larger ones. In addition to giving a more modern guise to the exterior profile, this new arrangement has radically enhanced the views from the helm.

Further significant structural alterations have been made to the stern area of the yacht. Initially straight and pretty steep, the staircase connecting the swim platform with the main deck has been given a new curvaceous form and is much easier to use (one of several ways that the needs of young children have been taken into account in the refit).

The main deck aft area has been transformed for a largely unused space into a dedicated outdoor relaxation zone for specific seasons of the year. The original stern bench was converted into a sunbathing area, with locker storage underneath the pads. A new bench has been built in further forward, lined up with the curve of the flybridge above, which has itself been extended by one metre. A special canvas tent structure, complete with windows, allows people to sit outside in spring and autumn.

Entering the interior via the new electric sliding doors from Moonen sister company Inoferro, it is hard to imagine that the entire main deck was stripped to the metal. The only survivors from the original My Issue are the wooden mullions and the window frames. A major rearrangement moved the galley from the port to the starboard side and close it off so that the crew can work without disturbing owner and guests. Eight people can now sit down to eat in a central social dining area thanks to the cool curved wall, while a small bar has been added aft of the galley.

Furthest forward in the lounge is a small office area for the owner, which connects to the entirely renewed wheelhouse. The benefits of raising the woodwork frames 10 cm higher are instantly apparent in this bright space, where all the systems behind the new dashboard have been rewired and upgraded. On the port side the stairs descending to the lower deck have been reshaped. Previously a steep access, with a 90-degree turn at the bottom, this rounded and more spacious flow involved cutting out a section of the superstructure.

Forward on the lower deck, the crew/captain cabins have been made much lighter, as have the guest and children’s suites. A more fundamental change is the installation of a new day toilet in the place of the original laundry, which has been shifted to the crew area. Under the floor are four additional fuel tanks, giving My Issue an extra 2000 litres of fuel and an extended range.

Aft of the stateroom is the engine room, which is exceptionally well insulated and another area that was stripped (with the exception of the main engines). Moving everything out via the lazarette necessitated cutting out part of the bulwark next to the door frame. The entire engine room was then completely repainted before all the new equipment and refurbished technical systems were returned, with upgraded hydraulics and a revised electrical system that includes a new shore converter. These core changes, along with a well-planned installation of synchronic 28-kW generators, made possible the addition of VT Naiad zero-speed stabilisers.

One thing often leads to another on a refit, which is why the experience of a yard is so priceless. The decision to increase generator capacity made the previous electrical switchboard obsolete so an all-new system was installed. As this was too large to fit in the engine room itself,  a new engineer’s control room was created in the lazarette. Also a sauna is added in this area with a rain-shower and direct access to the swim platform for a refreshing dip.

It is perhaps these two additional items, one serving an engineering purpose, the other purely leisure-oriented, that capture why this refit works so well: Like several other features, they belie the size of the yacht. Add in the fact that, the Caterpillar engines and navigation systems aside, My Issue is technically equivalent to ‘as new’, and you have serious value for money.