A promise made…

Integrity forms the foundation of everything we achieve at Moonen, where keeping promises is a way of life. To ensure words are translated into action, we are dedicated to high efficiency, genuine teamwork (both within the yard and with our suppliers and clients) and careful planning. Throughout the yachtbuilding process, we also leverage on our rich experience.

Competitive pricing

While it is wonderful to be considered among the elite of motoryacht builders, this can convey the impression that high quality comes at a prohibitively high price. Nothing could be further from the truth at Moonen, where prices are surprisingly competitive thanks to our operational excellence and smart organisation.

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much…

This well-known slogan is somewhat un-Dutch in its boastfulness. However, while the Dutch are known for being modest folk in general, the premium quality of Holland’s superyacht industry is recognised the world over. And that is something we at Moonen are also proud of… And for you to enjoy!

People power

While both Moonen yards have access to first-class facilities and equipment, it is our people that ultimately make the difference. We have a very horizontal organisational structure with a management team involved in every aspect of our operations. Most Moonen personnel stay with us for a long time and are deeply committed to the cause of creating perfection. Our relatively small team is also famed for its flexibility and broad skill set.

Maintaining Moonen quality

We use the term Moonen quality to reflect the very special nature of the work carried out at our yard. From exceptional engineering to fabulous finishing, we have long steered a course that takes traditional Dutch quality to a new level. This is reflected in the high resale value of Moonen yachts as we have built up a formidable reputation that we aim to keep.

The personal touch

Because the Moonen team is small and close-knit, we welcome owners and their representatives as part of the family. Our clients enjoy building at Moonen and describe the process as being both fun and highly professional. We’d love to partner with you too…

The widest diversity

Moonen clients access the most diverse range of projects imaginable. We build stylish long-range cruisers with steel hulls and alloy superstructures in both displacement and explorer models, a sophisticated range of fast displacement yachts, and one-off custom superyachts. All share our irreplaceable quality of construction, engineering, fine detail and finish.

Brand recognition

Uniquely for our sector of the superyacht industry, Moonen has a strong brand identity based upon consistent quality and a clear design motif. As we strive to bring to life each client’s unique vision of their ideal yacht, the timeless Moonen look & feel that sets our motoryachts apart is – and always will be – retained.

A rich heritage

Moonen has an unrivalled pedigree, having launched scores of superb superyachts over the past half century. Today our fleet is spread across the globe, each motoryacht reflecting the tastes of her owner. If you’re looking for a luxury boat that combines superb looks with maximum comfort, a Moonen is an irreplaceable choice.

Bespoke superyachts

Moonen has achieved global fame for its wide variety of semi-series yachts, each based upon custom wishes. The first owner of a new range will have been closely involved in its creation and all subsequent superyachts built upon that template are heavily customised to their owner’s desires. We also build entirely one-off projects for sophisticated owners who require a bespoke motoryacht built to Moonen quality standards.