Famous Moonen yacht to return home for refit

The Moonen 94 Aluminium Ciao (ex. Nilo) set a new standard for excellence in aluminium when launched in 2007. Now this iconic superyacht is back at our yard for some major refit.

This 29-metre fast displacement superyacht set a new trend in aerodynamic lines in 2007, and everyone involved in her original build is looking forward to seeing her again. The main goal of the refit is to install new CMC zero-speed stabilisers as Ciao shifts from hydraulic stabilisation to electrical. Our specialised engineers will also perform extensive maintenance and service on the propulsion drive, which includes a Servogear controllable pitch propeller system.
“We’re delighted the owner has chosen to have Ciao sail from the Mediterranean to Holland especially for this refit,” says Service Manager Eckly Hendriks. “Moonen has a strong image of craftsmanship and the owner is really keen on detail and perfection. As well as helping retain resale value, we also know all the ins and outs of the vessel. The fact that Moonen has the option to temporarily import the vessel into the Netherlands was also beneficial.” Avoiding VAT makes it attractive for owners to have work carried out in Holland.
The project illustrates our yard’s expertise in both aesthetics and functionality, requiring many different types of craftsmanship from carpenters to mechanical engineers. Moonen’s excellent long-term relationships with subcontractors is also considered an asset, including in this case the manufacturers of both the stabilisers (CMC from Italy) and the CPP system (Servogear from Norway). The refit will take place over the winter, after which Ciao will keep warm inside our acclimatised shed until the new season begins. The captain will also stay close to his charge with all the facilities at hand to do his job.

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