A marriage made in Martinique

Last Friday was a big day for everyone at Moonen as we celebrated the marriage of the hull and superstructure of the Moonen Martinique. As the high tensile steel and aluminium superstructure came together in sweet harmony, the stunning curves and spacious feel of the second superyacht in our Caribbean line were unveiled.
Like every wedding, the marriage of a hull and superstructure is always an exciting and slightly tense moment for the main parties involved. No matter how good your preparations, regardless of how sure you are that this is the perfect match, you only find out how the two pieces fit together in practice on this special day. Thankfully everything went very smoothly and the hull and superstructure were joined with millimetre precision.
“After the keel laying ceremony, there are three other landmarks in the build of a yacht,” says project manager Nicky van Zon. “The marriage of the hull and superstructure is the first as you get to see the true shape of a boat without it being surrounded by scaffolding – she becomes a yacht rather than separate structures. The other two milestones are when the boat comes into daylight for the first time and, of course the launch itself! I’m glad to say that we’re well on schedule for that final big day, which will take place at the start of 2018.”


Nicky also reports that the craftsmen have thoroughly enjoyed their experience with creating a hull made of high tensile steel. “It’s been a great material to work with and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the benefits pan out in practice in terms of speed, fuel savings and comfort. We’ve now completed the hull and fitted all the piping and electrical cabling. Our specialist carpenters are also making good progress with the joinery work, with half the crew quarters completed and work continuing apace on the guest cabins.”
Now that the superstructure and hull have been joined together there will be a month of welding activities in advance of the painters starting their fairing activities over the entire structure. It is fascinating to see just how much volume this 350 GT superyacht has now that she is taking shape, with her 290 square metres of luxury and crew area plus some 180 square metres of al fresco options. It also illustrates just how exciting it will be for new clients to bring in their own style in terms of carpets, ceilings, loose furniture (outside and in) and upholstery within the elegant teak interior.
For more information on how you might shape the future of motoryachting on the first Moonen Martinique, which will be ready for delivery by the spring of 2018, click here.

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