At the helm of ten Moonens with captain John Hadden

14 Mar 2018

After 34 years as a captain, including on no less than ten Moonens, John Hadden knows a little about superyachts.

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Pura Vida: A dream come true

20 Feb 2018

Captain Jordan Gibson and his wife Nic have been running the Moonen 99 Pura Vida (previously Selene, originally launched as Phoebe) since early 2017, when she was acquired by owner Jim Shay.

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The pure pleasures of Pura Vida

29 Jan 2018

Jim Shay bought the Moonen 99 Hull 191 (ex-Phoebe, Selene, now Pura Vida) in the spring of 2017 and is having a wonderful time on board with family and friends.

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Famous Moonen yacht to return home for refit

04 Dec 2017

The Moonen 94 Aluminium Ciao (ex. Nilo) set a new standard for excellence in aluminium when launched in 2007.

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How crew see life on a Moonen

14 Nov 2017

Dave and Diane Johnson have been sailing through life together for over 35 years. While both hold a master’s ticket, Dave is usually at the helm while Diane serves as...

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